Giving Thanks

…from Jill’s parents’ place in Dallas this week. This is one of my favorite times of the year, when things still do get a little quieter, making space to take stock, give thanks, and revisit what is most important for the coming weeks and months.

In sorting things out last night, I notice that I am in working conversations with more people, seeking to do good things in more and more different kinds of places, than ever before. There is more clarity about practice and more good company than I can ever remember. There are more questions and confusions and uncertainties, too — but lately, these are not the obstacles that they have been in the past.

I’m grateful for all of the good people who are finding me these days, new clients and colleagues inviting me into their work and organizations, friends old and new supporting me in life and work. Grateful, too, to be back in Chicago, making a home with a partner, with plans for a wedding, and possibilities beyond. Life is plenty.

Wishing you same… and unplugging ’til next week.

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  1. Hi Michael:

    Ted Ernst invited me to connect with him on Linkedin. I took a look at his Connections and found you there. Glad to hear things are going well for you and Jill. Please say Hi to Jill for me.

    With Boundless Joy…

    John Bishop

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