King’s Cross via Heart Feed

kings cross station, andy borrows

This turned up in my new Open Space Aggregator yesterday. Recall that Open Space runs on principles like “Whoever comes is the right people” and “Whenever it starts is the right time.”

Normal news aggregators like Bloglines require us to plug in lots of addresses and then they feed us *everything* from those places. Euan once swore off the things, claiming an affinity for context, as I recall. I’m now attempting the same, opting instead for a folder full of bookmarks, because I just don’t like the push of all those feeds.

Instead, when I think of someone, or have a moment to wander down the virtual hallway of the home office here, I scroll down that list and pick somebody. I read down their latest, and then maybe swim out horizontally through some of their links, blissfully unaware of all those other postings everyone else has piled up for me to read.

Whatever I click is the right blog, the right posting, the right link. Thanks to Andy Borrows for this, my first discovery! Open Space Aggregator. Heart feed. Aaaaahhhhh…..

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  1. What a curious coincidence; having resisted using an aggregator for all my blogging life, I’ve just been giving the Google reader a try, now that the the service which I used to use seems to have given up the ghost. And what was one of the very first posts to show up? I had to do a quick double-take when I saw a very familiar photo…
    (btw there’s also a less severe crop of the same shot on Flickr


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