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This just in from David Eads and friends, who’ve started a computer recycling project called FreeGeek Chicago that gets old machines refurbished and distributed to poor folks who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a machine. Can you help them with resources?

The idea is to do something akin to Working Bikes but with computers — we take old systems and rebuild them into simple Linux based boxes that we sell for $50 for a full system (keyboard/mouse/monitor) and responsibly recycle anything that we can’t use. We’re also starting an adopt-a-computer program where people can come in to our space and we’ll teach them to tear down a system and build a new one, and how to do a basic Linux installation. Then they get to keep one of the systems they’ve built.

This is a great example of SmallChangeNews, ordinary folks using what they have (and can get) to meet the needs and make a difference for others. They’ve had lots of demand for systems, and lots of interest in building from geeks and others, but it looks like the donation stream is too thin to support the level of demand. Contact FreeGeek if you can help!


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  1. Michael–

    You might also then want to check out a similar work in South Bend, Indiana Free Geek Michiana.

    Not only do they rebuild the computers, but they give them away to people who will attend a class and then donate time to helping rebuild/recycle. And, they will go into local neighborhood centers, church basements, etc., and install a whole bunch of computers on a network, so kids can have a place to do their homework and surf the ‘Net safely.

    There are a whole bunch of these around the country. The first one I think was in Oregon.

    :- Doug. Germann

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