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Iran Press Service is the oldest post-revolution English language Iranian publication outside Iran. Created in 1980 it is also one of the first Iranian Internet publications.

I don’t know if it’s more accurate or reliable than what comes through the mainstream media. I’m just glad to have an alternative source of information on Iranian nuclear diplomacy. Feels like I learn more reading Iranians on Iran, even when they report from Paris, than when I read Americans and Europeans, reporting from anywhere.

UPDATE: See also GlobalVoices for individual voices on Iran, thanks to Christy.

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  1. Michael,
    I found this interesting, having lived some 9 years in Iran (age 3-12) and caught the first few years of the Islamic Revolution. Even had a chance to experience brainwashing (shouting death to US daily…) in school.

    I keep on finding, though, that when it comes to news there is really nothing that I have found that would be guided by OS principles and practice in reporting what is happening in the world.

    I’d be curious if people knew of such sources. Personally, I read London’s Guardian and sometimes the economist online. They don’t have depth, but they have span…

    Also I like their language more…

    Another Iranian site, more of a chatty/gritty portal:

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