BrainJam in New Orleans

Been talking with Chris Heuer about the Open Space dimension of this…

BrainJams New Orleans – Big Announcement!

On Thursday May 4th we are going to bring the best of Web 2.0 to the New Orleans small business community in what could be one of the biggest Unconferences of the year. This will be a day of conversation, peer to peer learning, and developing a better understanding of how the technology community can serve the needs of this vitally important city as it comes back from the trajedy that was Katrina. Our goal is to help small businesses understand how they can make the most of blogs, social networks, tagging, wikis and other collaboration tools – but I have a feeling that much more will come of this. More…

I’m impressed with the work Chris is doing on the ground, but also the depth or background of his work, as he’s just back from an Art of Hosting workshop, working on these sorts of questions

  • When have I truly lived my passion and what in particular was powerful about this?
  • What do I now sense is the next level of my passion and practice?
  • If this is the next level of my passion and practice, what could stop or come in the way of this?
  • What is the burning question that will help me step more fully into the fire of my hosting?

This marriage of depth and action, internal and external, personal and social, seems essential now, in all of our work.

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  1. I attended brainjams in Washington DC. I love the idea of a silicon valley core team doing an open space roadshow around American and other cities. What the city’s people most want to resolve/innovate can be done in open space; what clues leading edge web2.1 experimenters can bring seems a win-win needed both worldwide and world-deep.

    Going to New Orleans as a priority is proof of the soul of the core folk at

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