Inviting Leadership

Back in Chicago now, after staying on Bowen Island a few extra days after the Practice Retreat to walk in the forest, eat some good soups at the Snug, and work with Chris Corrigan on the story of Inviting Leadership, the latter of which we’ve now distilled to…

  • Appreciating… the Positive Core in people, organizations and communities
  • Inviting… attention to options, needs and choices for the (shared) future
  • Supporting… structures that allow people and information to move and connect
  • Making… good on promise and promises, claiming responsibility for making decisions, changes, and personal contributions

The writing and teaching we’re doing around these are the latest retelling of what began back in 1998 as Inviting Organization and has shown up more recently as the Four Practices of Open Space.

Wondering now about retitling this blog Inviting Leadership, as that is clearly what I’ve been up to with much of my posting here over the last three years. Hmmm… maybe that’s a good way to mark the upcoming 3rd anniversary here, later this month.

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