Thanks for all the Fish

Woohoo! Today is the first day of my 16th year of self-employment.

Once upon a time, I was sitting having a beer with an old friend in New York, when he asked me “Do you remember what you said when you first quit your job?” I did remember, and I told him, that my goal was to see if I could stay out for a year and have some adventures. “That was three years ago!” he pushed back, smiling. And indeed it had been. At the time it was rather shocking to me. Now that three-year mark is twelve years old and the adventures are going just fine.

A moment of thanks rippling out to all the friends, literally all around the world, who’ve been a part of this long strange fishing trip, if I may, on this momentous occasion, be allowed to to mix my literary references!

And happy birthday (tomorrow) to, Kevin, my old friend in New York.

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  1. and thank you, michael, for all the inspiration and making self-employment, the open space way, look so simple!


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