Making Good

From Toke Moller’s paper “What Gifts Could Learning and Courage Bring Our Societies?”, via Christy:

Here are some of my assumptions about creating learning space and starting conversations that matter…

  • In this time, the ways in which we are together have become very speedy, uninspired and often unconscious of what is really meaningful to us – this gives us little space to be present in the Now – to be present to ourselves and each other.
  • When we open space and time to each other around our own meaning, inspiration and consciousness is already there to greet us.
  • We need to be fully present, connected to ourselves and each other, to have the inspiration and courage to know and decide what to create and do at this time, that will benefit all and not just me…..
  • I cannot give if I do not have the surplus of love, challenge and freedom in human community with others.
  • Life wants to give its best to what is alive and let die what is no more needed.
  • When I let myself become the dialogue, the process and the learning I am in, that experience gives birth to conscious action ……..that will make a difference.

Making a difference. Making appearances, deliveries, investments, and contributions. Making peace. Making it real, making it count. All making good, on promise and promises. Making a new title for this blog, you may have noticed, reflecting and inviting all of the above.

Making a small celebration here, as Friday is this (whatever it’s called) blog’s 3rd birthday. Certainly it’s made a difference for me, and I hope, perhaps a little bit for you and some others. Thanks for your company here.