Practice Receiving, Too

My friend Karen Sella, reflecting on the other side of inviting after our recent leadership practice retreat on Bowen Island…

My approach to open space—and life in general (sometimes this distinction seems irrelevant)—is about receiving as much as inviting—receiving what is offered; what wants to be received. Whenever I open space, I invite people to consider that each person in the space is a gift just waiting to be received. All we have to do is open our bodies, hearts and minds to receiving each other. If we do nothing else, that will have been profound—indeed, sometimes, that’s the most profound thing that we can do, a prerequisite for everything else.

She’s also just spiffed up her Luminalogue weblog. It’s one of those gifts just waiting to be received!

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  1. Hi there, Michael…just visiting here today and was surprised to see this here! Thanks so much for your kind words… love and light, k

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