Bloggers Choose

I missed a piece. This should have been part of yesterday’s linkage, but just as well to have it standing here on its own. This might come closest to the original vision of sCNN.

BloggersChoose is a program of DonorsChoose. It’s a way for bloggers to invite attention and giving to specific, large- and small-scale projects in need of support.

This from their launch:

…bloggers can visit our website, look through a list of projects that teachers are requesting for their classrooms, and select one or more to ask their readers’ help to fund.

We want bloggers to take an active role in this project. We’re excited about the potential blogs have to broaden both our outreach and the results we produce for teachers and students.

In our beta test, the readers of one blog, Tomato Nation, raised more than $30,000 for New York City public schools. But don’t let that overwhelm you – another blog managed to raise $500 from my readers, which fully funded a middle-school literacy project and bought tadpoles for first graders in Brooklyn.

No amount is too small (or too large): projects awaiting funding right now range from $147 for a set of dictionaries in San Francisco to $8,578 for a new playground field in South Carolina.

All of these projects that need funding are youth and school-related, proposed by active teachers.