Grace at 3AM

just in from the campfire (still at no mind) where a very few of us lasted until 3am, a german accordian player, a swedish singer, myself and a few others, writing a song as the sun came up in the middle of the night.

“…feel how precious it is to have grace walking beside you… holding your hand… loving you now… flow through your heart… the seeds in your hand… bloom in the land.”

how lucky to be along for this ride and be able to add a few words along the way. grace.

2 Replies to “Grace at 3AM”

  1. Thank you dear Michael, for this offering. It was 3:10 am when this grace (and gratitude) moved through me, touching my heart and lighting up the sweetest image around the campfire… how fortunate we are to be alive and aware that we’re along for this ride!

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