Inviting Consciousness

Join us Wednesday, September 20th at 7pm at the Transitions Café 1000 W. North Ave, Chicago for a presentation by my friend Therese Rowley:

A Different Way of Seeing; A Different Way of Being

A Mystic’s Ride to New Realities… When you have a different way of seeing, you have access to a different way of being. And when you have access to a different way of being, you can create new and different realities in your life. Understand your life’s stories in new ways, unravel unhelpful patterns, and open the door to new realities. If your current reality has frustrating, stuck, or confusing aspects, even though you consider yourself a conscious person, tonight’s presentation will help you better understand:

  • The territory on the map called “your life”
  • “Maps” or unconscious assumptions you have been bequeathed or ones you have unknowingly created
  • The “organizing principles” that form the core of your current reality

Therese Rowley, Ph.D. is a strategic business consultant, educator, and intuitive who teaches and facilitates accelerated change for leaders, organizations, and conscious individuals. Join us for a lively and inspiring evening. Bring a friend! Admission is free!

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