Inviting Again

To blog or not to blog? Well… okay… blog. It’s been a grand experiment, but there are things I put here now that I don’t have any other place to put. Much to my surprise, and chagrin, there is more to say. So without further ado, here is where I’ve been, mostly gladly, spending big piles of attention these last four months…

  • Four weeks of being very much out in the world, in India and Nepal, honeymooning, retreating, and training in Open Space (notes for the latter, totally redesigned, forthcoming)
  • Learning to use a cellphone. Yes I finally caved, converted my oldest landline, so the number remains the same. And yes, learning… still catching myself listening for the dial tone before dialing. (grin)
  • Rebuilding the best bicycle I ever had (1981). Photo forthcoming, when it gets launched on the first good bright sunny day of Spring.
  • Tearing around Lincoln Square area on foot and on my other bicycle, learning to ride in the cold again, for first time since high school — and looking for a HOUSE.
  • Learning to ride the bike and talk on the phone.
  • Long holidays with the WHOLE family.
  • Facilitating the 2nd Annual Chicago Area Food Policy Advisory Summit, especially rewarding as this is the most lively growing edge of what started in a statewide Summit I facilitated in 2001.
  • C3 summit project, C3 weblog, green dinners, WorldChanging, and Massive Change in the City.
  • Updates to and
  • Opening Space projects, including one for the City of Aspen, a community-wide affair to cultivate broad community support to resolve a decades-old debate about what to do about inbound traffic there.

The Aspen events happen later this week, so I’m off to the airport. Inviting Again. Call me on the slopes, I’ll think I’m going to need the rest breaks!

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  1. It’s good to see you back here, Michael. By uncanny coincidence, only a couple of days ago I dropped by here for the first timne in weeks wondering if there was anything new here, and the very next day you show up in my RSS reader (so you see there is something good to be said for RSS!).

    I’m looking forward to seeing the bike pic – but I bet it’s age doesn’t beat mine!

  2. i dunno andy, can you beat 26 years old?

    on the way home from india and nepal, we had a few totally dazed hours in london. just enough to ride the tube in to trafalgar, have a bite to eat, walk around the block and get some fresh air, before riding back to the airport. tried to eat at st martins… and thought of you!

  3. Beat 26 years old? No problem! Excuse a moment’s bike-geekery… the frame on mine (admittedly the only original part left in use) is probably as old as I am – and I’ll be 52 in just over a week! It had been custom built (in Reynold’s 531 tubing) for a friend of my Dad’s, and knowing a real quality bargain when he saw it, he bought it for me when I was 12 even though it was way too big for me at the time. Since then it’s survived student years in Cambridge, commutes both near and far, and it’s fair to say is one my most treasured possessions.

  4. hi, christy!

    …and wow! that rocks, andy! long live bicycles! mine is still all original parts, except the rear wheel. might convert it to a single-speeder later this year, but first i just want to get it back on the road this spring.

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