Snow in March

It’s snowing again here in Chicago, even though Spring started last week. It’s probably not going to amount to anything, nothing to shovel. Not like last week, when I did finally have to get the shovel back out of the basement. (Ever the optimist)

Don’t get me wrong. I love snow. Really. And… I’m noticing that it’s not nearly as much fun or beauty in March as it is in December.

And now, back downstairs to work on a window box. Someday Spring will come, and the front of our house will BLOOM.

2 Replies to “Snow in March”

  1. snow in seattle at the end of march. that doesn’t seem right at all. come on, spring!

    and the window box got finished tonight. test drive on the masonry brackets on the front of the house tomorrow. planting as soon as it’s safe.

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