This is the strongest, clearest public statement I can remember hearing in a long time. Maybe ever. This video of an interview on al-Jazeera, shows Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American woman, working as a psychiatrist, living in Los Angeles.

She addresses the “clash of civilizations” as a sort of Muslim excuse and challenges Muslim culture to, in so many words, grow up. Unbelievable… “…We have not seen one Jew blow himself up in a German restaurant. Three great Buddha statues have been reduced to rubble. We have seen not one buddhist destroy a Mosque.”

via Carla Winterbottom

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  1. Hi Michael, I cannot open the URL to the video – can you please check? Alternative location?


  2. hello holger! i checked the link and it works, but not especially well. video is choppy. i just paused it every time the subtitles changed so i could read along. wikipedia has same link, and links to others. her name is linked to wikipedia.

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