big weekend in the garden

big cold weekend in the garden, actually. just finished‘s eight week BUGs (building urban gardens) course and couldn’t wait to get out there, even in 30-very-few degrees. so i spent the weekend moving and rebuilding a raised bed, turning and spreading compost, trying out the new leaf vac/shredder, fending off peach tree borers, and digging the concrete i broke up two years ago out of where the new fire circle wants to have grass planted. another few days and the grass will be seeded, the first of the veggies, mostly lettuces and cooking greens, will be planted in the raised beds, and tomatoes and a few other things finally started inside. we live in so many short-cycle routines. it felt great to get out and working on this big annual cycle, and to have had the gardening season expanded by all that i’ve learned these last eight weeks. reminds me of sailing out of atlantic harbors, getting out past the chop and into the big rolling ocean.

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