garden space report

growing veggies is a lot like running open space meetings. there is the smallest of plans, a short flurry of set-up and seeding, and then a lot of picking up cups (weeding) until the documentation (harvest) shows up. oh, yes… and the mystery of it all. now, apparently from nowhere, the first reports of the season are coming in.

in the last two weeks we’ve eaten arugula, spinach, kale, mesclun (though most of it mysteriously failed, despite two plantings and two different seed companies), radishes, chives. strawberries are mounding against a row of collards that are almost ready to eat. second planting of radishes went in today, plus parsley, lavender and some more basil. tomatoes started from seeds are looking like they’re going to do fine and we have twice as many of those as we really need. broccoli is looking doubtful at the moment, but may yet surprise us. corn, beans, purple cow peas, and acorn squash all went in today, too. that should be the last of the topics to be posted, until we give the meslun another, late-season, try. can’t wait to read more of the reports.

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