grounding in oceans of change

it occurs to me that my experience this past year at (and my development work at small Change News) has been an exploration of a big ocean of people and projects and processes, piles of information. the goodness of the people has been pulling me in, the bigness of the potential pulling me in, and the weight and the messiness of all the info and change has been pushing me under…

but somewhere something’s been clicking over in brain and i’m recognizing that i *can* still breathe under here. so i’ve been starting to walk very carefully on this new ocean floor, which is really just a lake or a big river, as i can see that i’m also picking my way, finding a course out to sea, a much larger sea, that is the blogosphere and the rest of the working world.

in a word or two, it’s been a maddeningly and yet powerful grounding process for me. that’s been happening in several places in my life, as well, but this pool is a smaller, sometimes too cozy, but ultimately beneficial pool for practicing my skills for staying grounded even as i walk through oceans and oceans of change.

i’m off today to facilitate a bit of Open Space in the middle of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America’s annual conference. i hope that my work with them will feel as good as the body work they do!

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