Awareness Through Movement

The Feldenkrais Method teaches awareness through movement, so it’s fitting that I should be here in Indiana facilitating part of the annual practitioners conference in Open Space, which is also all about awareness and movement in organization and community.

We opened this morning with a decided local adaptation of the standard Open Space approach: we did a 1.5-hour “Awareness Through Movement” lesson. The gist of this was lots of easy, gentle, flowing sorts of movements, individually and as a 100+ person community. The moves are very similar to the rolling turning sitting standing moves that little kids use when learning to stand up and walk.

Immediately after the lesson, I felt great. I recognized the sense of power, confidence and presence I felt in body as a very very old, but not a regular everyday, sort of sensation. It reminded me of how I must have felt when I first learned these moves. Learning to stand and walk must have been a HUGE rush! And this method seemed to be tapping into just that early moving moment. Fabulous!

And then we went on to have 100+ people post more than 20 topics for the future of this professional community, some of which they are right now in the next building discussing and exploring and documenting for their annual business meeting tonight.

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