At the Same Time!

In the course of conversation in the VirtualChautauqua with Michael Ray, he makes this observation, on his way to saying something else…

At the same time (or “that being said” as everyone seems to say in the media nowadays in the same place that before that they would say “at the end of the day” and before that would say “the bottom line is.”)…

Language, and the very subtle shapes we create with it, are so important. This progression he notes, this shift in reference from quarterly (bottom-line business focus) to daily, to just a moment ago, to at the same time, is so subtle and so important.

The capacity to be and do, to pay attention and attend to, many things, inside and outside, self and others, past and future at the same time must be our most important practice and learning now.

2 Replies to “At the Same Time!”

  1. michael, thank you for catching this indeed very subtle language pattern (a progression i never would have noticed), and for taking a moment to point it out.

    i find that i use the phrase “and at the same time” all the time, though often for me it includes a note of exasperation!

  2. i think these are the same thing, christy! you say “at the same time” because they are only doing one side of the equation. you’re saying “hey, do this mutuality thing! balance the two of them! let them work together! play with them together! meet both our needs! have it all! this is possible!” no? the exasperation is when you must be trapped in only one of the two dimensions (or more) dimensions *you* know are possible? yah?

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