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Here are some musings from Doug Germann about OpenSpaceTech

I must confess to you that I am at a loss to describe to you this meeting. We come to it and meet in a way that shares more of us than we ever planned to share, and it makes us whole; it reveals our beauty-individually and as a community. It causes us to go our and do something we thought larger than us, beyond our reach, but there it is, being done. And when we come away, we come away changed profoundly and surely, and yet we are unable to put in words in what way nor prescribe a way for others to get there.

And yes, that’s pretty much how it is for me, too. It’s all the little aligning and connectings that take place that clearly, if still mysteriously, support new action. I like Doug’s line too, about “What if conversation is how we consciously evolve?”

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  1. Thanks for posting this snippet, Michael. The url for this post is

    Today I have been thinking these open space meetings, this idea of coversing, is about life in the wild, and engaging with it. Those who don’t meet, real to real, somehow miss life. Those who engage, up to their armpits, well, they are to be emulated, yes?

    :- Doug Germann

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