The World is Watching Burma

My friend Holger Nauheimer in Germany says: I believe that blogs can make a difference to the world. So here is my request to all other blogs: Please post the following message in your blog. I say it’s worth a try. So here it is. Please join us.

In Burma (Myanmar), thousands of Buddhist monks are marching through the streets every day to protest against more than 20 years of dictatorship. They are joint by major parts of the population. In the past, any anti-government protests have been stopped by the army with fierce violence and the arrest of the protestors. So, far, the military has not intervened on these latest civil movement.

We want to tell to the Government of Myanmar: the community of bloggers – and therefore the world – is watching every step you take. Do not excert any violence on the peaceful protesters.

We want to tell to the monks and to the people of Myanmar: you are not alone. The time for change in Myanmar has come and the people of Myanmar have a right to enjoy the same economic growth than your neighbouring countries and the increase of democratic rights.

So, we ask all blogs to post this message. Feel free to translate this message into your language. If you are a blog reader, write a message to your favourite blogs and ask them to participate in this joint action. Please follow the news on BBC World or any other news channel.

We further ask you to report us that you have posted this message. Please go to and enter your blog name, the URL, and the estimated number of readers.

Thank you for you support.

I opened a small space today for 80 or 100 people at a Catholic Network of Volunteer Service conference. Along the way, I found this Sir Edmund Burke quote spread around on some tables: “The surest way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Go vols, go bloggers, go monks.

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