Being visible in the practice of open space technology brings a number of inquiries and requests for training and coaching and such. Being visible on this web, these come from everywhere around the world. It’s been a fun way to connect with people, or sometimes, discover connection.

Today I was chatting with Pete terHorst about open space and invitation. I mentioned that some of my approach to that comes from what I learned from my Dad, who worked at Ford in Governmental Affairs and Public Relations. He used to write things ended up in state legislation or on the bronze marker at Henry Ford’s birthplace, stuff where words really matter. So this is some of the sensitivity I bring to the crafting of invitations.

Well, it turns out that Pete’s dad worked for Ford, as well. Same group, different city, a ten-year overlap with my dad. I call home and ask, and sure enough, Pete’s dad is somebody well-known to my people. And this is some of why I don’t blow off any of these random requests for training and coaching.

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  1. Hi Michael – I just read this and wanted to thank you for taking the time to email and talk with me back in January. On the strength of those conversations, my wife (Alexandra) traveled in May to S.F. for an OST workshop with Lisa Heft. Then one week later we were in Leavenworth, WA for the LSOW workshop. What an incredible experience. We have already conducted one OST workshop with a major client and are planning one (gratis) with a non-profit in our community. Thank you for the intro to OST!!!

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