it’s been almost 20 years since i ran three marathons in 12 months, but i haven’t worked out regularly since i fell of a small cliff ten years ago — unless you count bicycle transportation (sporadic and seasonal, at best) or all the demolition and rebuilding work i’ve done around the house in the last 18 months (not exactly cardio).

so running a real ironman triathlon is just totally out of the question in this lifetime. even my new gym’s invitation to cover ironman distances (2.4/112/26.2 miles) over the course of three weeks is going to take some pacing. in the last three days i’ve managed almost a mile in the pool, six miles running and 10.5 miles on the bike. not breaking any speed records, but hoping i can keep it going through this little contest. by then the new routine should be well established, anyway, and spring should be inviting running and riding along the river.

better, faster, stronger… or bust.