I’ve worked as Michael Herman Associates, with clients and colleagues on six continents, since 1991. This website is, first and foremost, a personal and professional learning journal, shared openly since 1998. Please have a look around – and contact me if you think we might have something to talk about or do together. I’d be glad to hear about the projects and breakthroughs you’re working on.

My work brings people together to get big stuff done.

I work at all levels of organizations and communities, with leaders, teams, and much larger groups who share goals and dependencies, but don’t always work together. I help them do important new things and learn to work in new ways. Sometimes I help them get out of the old, deep ruts of “this is how it’s always been done.”

The situations tend to be complex and uncertain, crossing functions and disciplines, potentially conflicted and/or urgent. The challenges addressed can be acute or evolutionary, aspirational or existential. Sometimes they are all of the above!

I look for what’s working and why it works, then devise ways to bring people together, to make more of that. I find this easier in practice, more powerfully effective, and more personally satisfying than “solving problems.” But sometimes “problems” is where the conversation starts and “solutions” is the driving need.

We begin with purpose and move toward results.

    1. Explore value and intent, larger purpose and specific goals
    2. Understand history, process, structure and strategy
    3. Facilitate conversation, collaboration, movement, learning and adaptation
    4. Document action, progress and results

My role and title depends on the situation.

    • Organization Effectiveness Consultant
    • Meeting, Workshop or Conference Designer and Facilitator
    • Interim Manager or Project Manager
    • Agile Coach and Trainer
    • Agile Scrum Master

If a living system is unhealthy, the way to make it more healthy is to reconnect it with more of itself.Francisco Varela