…to my personal and professional workspace, shared openly since 1998. Please contact me if you think we might have something to talk about or do together. I’d be glad to hear about the projects and breakthroughs you’re working on.

Since 1991, I’ve worked as sociotechnical specialist and principal consultant for Michael Herman Associates, becoming known internationally for business and community facilitation, Invitation in organization, Open Space training and coaching, webspace development, and general management support, informed by wide-ranging methods and experience.

I’ve always been fascinated by how things are built and how things get done: structure and movement, organization and markets, landscapes and rivers, bodies and biochemistry. I’d rather walk or bike than drive, rather backpack than rollaboard. I once moved to London for a second date, which turned into happily ever after, restoring a classic Chicago bungalow (doing quite a lot of the work myself), along the north branch of the Chicago River.

What large or small things can we do together now — to extend and expand, leverage and deepen, our learning and contribution — in the service of evolutionary platforms and movements anywhere in the world? That’s what I want to find out.