…to my personal and professional workspace, shared openly since 1998. Please contact me if you think we might have something to talk about or do together. I’d be glad to hear about the breakthrough you’re working on.

Since 1991, Michael Herman Associates has supported leaders and initiatives — inviting awareness, facilitating connections, expanding capacity and documenting results — in corporate and community organizations on six continents. I practice what I call Inviting Leadership, informed by Open Space Technology and other methods, including training and web tools support. Inviting Leadership makes it easier for the people you need – the people who care – to get together, get organized, and get the big stuff done.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by structure and movement – how things work and how things get done – in ecosystems and economies, organizations and communities, buildings and bodies. I study markets, grow vegetables, and practice somatics. I cook simple, healthy meals. I choose walking and biking over buses and cabs. My luggage has shoulder straps, not wheels. And my lawnmower is powered by me.

I once moved to London for a second date. We’re living happily ever after, restoring a classic Chicago bungalow, in a quiet neighborhood, on the west bank of the Chicago River.

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