…to my personal and professional workspace, more journal than sales pitch, shared openly since 1998. Have a look around – and contact me if you think we might have something to talk about or do together. I’d be glad to hear about the projects and breakthroughs you’re working on.

Since 1991, I’ve worked as principal consultant (designer, facilitator, manager and coach) for Michael Herman Associates, serving leaders, champions and associates, in teams and much larger groups, at every level of the organization, frequently at times of significant change and transformation.  I’m best known for bespoke approaches informed by wide-ranging practices and experience and for my work in Open Space and Inviting Organization.  How inviting is your organization?

Active engagement, high performance and adaptive learning (innovation, improvement, change management and transformation) must be invited, supported and cultivated.  When we drive, impose or insist on these things, with conventional corporate messaging, arbitrary mandates, and scripted trainings, we accidentally (but assuredly) diminish resilience and results in organization.   I offer a simple, powerful alternative:  bringing people together, getting things done, and growing more of what works – by invitation.    

When the old ways break down and new opportunities arise, I can help guide strategic or cultural shifts, adapt or accelerate established processes, create breakthrough products or programs, strengthen connections across networks, silos and groups, and address similarly complex issues and tensions.  Invitation is the difference that makes a difference.

What large or small things can we do now – to invite and support more active engagement, high performance, and adaptive learning?  This is what I want to find out together.

Now what?